Since more than 15 years LC Design is engaged in driving circuitries for liquid crystal
displays, from simple segmented displays, across passive graphic displays to modern
TFT- displays.

LC Design offers electronics around displays, for prototypes as well as for mass production and for test purposes.

From the long term experience with LCD-drivers the partnership with EPSON (Epson Electronics Europe) followed. LC Design is partner for ASSP (Application Specific
Standard Product /LCD-driver and controller). EPSON is one of the notable producers
of integrated circuitries for display technologies.


LC Design is part of the High-Tech-Kompetenznetzwerk of Bayrischer Untermain for the section „IT – research and development“ and „Automotive“.

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LC Design also has long lasting relations with CRYSTALFONTZ America Inc., an American producer of LCD-modules.  LC Design is european distributor for display modules.


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