expandable modular configurable controller 2. generation

Test unit for LCD- and OLED-modules 

        emc2-2 with terminal
        Optional: Measurement board for acquisition of display parameters

Target applications 

  • incoming inspection
  • product qualification at manufacturer or customer
  • failure analysis
  • hardware and software development lab
  • support for LCD module performance measurement

Instrument concept

The design is modular, consisting of a power supply and a CPU card with Flash-memory.
Add-on cards allow to adapt the system to special applications and/or to measuring
systems, like the DMS (Display Measuring System from AUTRONIC–MELCHERS).
Module adapter pcbs allow to connect the lcd module to be driven.  

The system is cost efficient because about 90% of the system hardware can be used
for every new module to be tested. 

Depending on the application, software can be loaded into the flash-memory. The
software is created either for a special device to be tested (DUT) or for a special
LCD-driver (family-software), like the S1D15721 from EPSON.  In that case the
available driving parameters of the IC can be set easily and online, without the need
of programming experience. The setting is made via the terminal or via an input mask
on a PC.

   input mask for S1D15721 from EPSON

Test pictures can quickly be adapted to the DUT with a standard painting program
and can be transferred as bmp-File to emc2-2.

On a memory card test pictures, configuration and parameter settings are stored
and are available anytime for a re-examination of a display module.

For further information download the pdf-file emc2-2-en.pdf
or send an email to

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